About Us

Where Our Bikes Go...


We are based out of Boise Idaho, USA. We have bikes all over the USA and the world. We have built bikes for customers in Canada, Mexico, Chile, France, Spain and many other locations. So shipping your bike across the country and the world is not a  problem we can not solve.

Why We Do It


 At Mike's MiniTrail Restoration we have over 15 years of experience in restorations and specialize in z-50's and ct70's. We rebuild to your specs in the color of your choice with attention to detail. From mild to wild, stock to custom, you dream it and we will build it.  Honest and reliable we build the motorcycles to take you back in time. Several bikes on site for references. The best way is to first decide what type of restoration you would like to do or have done. Restorations can range from simply fixing what is wrong with the bike to a complete 100 point restoration. The average complete restoration can range up to $5500.00 for a bike that is in poor shape and the owner wants a bike that looks like it just came off the dealers showroom. A customer that wants me to just paint his bike and he would like to disassemble and re-assemble the bike himself will probably spend $650.00 for a stock candy paint job.  After you decide want you are looking for I can give you more input, but normally you would get the bike to us somehow we would then tear it down make a parts list, supply a price of the parts to you and you would pay for the parts and we would proceed to restore the bike. After the bike is finished you would pay for the hours involved in the restoration and either pick the bike up or we would crate it and ship it.  We usually do ct70's from 1969 to 1974 and z50's from 69 to about 74 Of course we do newer years as well.